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Penn State Alum Arrested

Robert Morss, a Penn State Alum, who also has ties to the Pittsburgh area, was arrested and charged Friday on morning. It stems from the on-going investigation into the capitol riots back
on January 6th.

Morss law enforcement says seen here wearing a tan camouflage and a red Make America Great Again hat took part in storming the capitol. Law enforcement says it identified him on
multiple videos and pictures obtained by the FBI

They say evidence shows him pushing through police barriers, grabbing an officer’s baton, and allegedly went inside the capitol through a broken window.

According to court dockets, he is facing multiple violations including assault, civil disorder, robbery of personal property, obstruction of an official proceeding among other things.

Witnesses who helped identify Morss says he went to Penn State and once served in the military.

The FBI says one person even stated he might struggle with mental health issues following his time served.

Back in 2016, Morss was seen on Penn States campus with a pro-Donald Trump group replicating building a wall, in support of Trumps stance on national security.

I reached out to Penn States current GOP President about Morss’ arrest and she says quote,

“As we said in a tweet on January 6, Penn State College Republicans condemns all political violence. The individual has not been an active member of our organization since I have been
involved. We believe that the law should be respected and upheld, and the events of January 6th are no exception.”

Morss had his first court appearance earlier on Friday, stay with us both online and on air for more information as it becomes available

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