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Penn State Pre Game

In State College Penn State’s home opener is at Beaver Stadium Tomorrow Night .

A white out game against Ohio State.

Gary Sinderson has more on the pre-game atmosphere.

Its finally here, the home opener,Penn State, Ohio State here at Beaver Stadium. Normally the Friday before the game, we’d be telling you about,well there’s nothing normal this lets just make it a public service announcement for the university. A reminder no fans allowed here,and no tailgating either call it what you want strange, bizarre empty fields surrounding the stadium where hundreds of Rv’s usually would already be here. Beside the set up crew, we did find activity near the stadium right across the street the very popular penn state meats lab

“Its a Friday meats sale for the public”

Here there is noticeable big game economic impact

“Even though there’s no fans or tailgating were selling alot more than on regular weeks”

So meat on the game weekend menu for many fans but apparently cant say the same for fresh fruits and veggies

“No its different, sales are really off”

There is alot going on as the election approaching, Halloween,and the pandemic

“We can let up about keeping up with the precautions”

But so far,understandably nowhere near the usual home game weekend traffic. Speaking of traffic Penn State did issue game day stadium traffic and parking changes. Basically all the lots are closed.

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