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Penn State Student Return

Penn State will be returning to in-person instruction starting on February fifteenth.

Ilana Soffer is one of the few people who would trade in sunny South Florida for snowy Pennsylvania in February. However, for a number of reasons, she’s excited to get back to State.

Penn State students will be back in physical classrooms February fifteenth for the first time since November of last year.

All PSU campuses have done remote learning throughout that time, and some classes will remain there. Sophomore Ilana Soffer said only two of her classes will be in person, and it’s easy to get distracted online.

“You know, you’re so tempted to go on your phone or put the Zoom call in the background of your computer, and go on the computer and play games,” Soffer said.

She thinks focus is the key to success in college, and thats much easier in person, and largely why shes happy to return to PA.

“It’s hard to pay attention to class when its on Zoom, so I am really happy to go back on to in person because then I definitely focus more and actually learn what I’ll be doing later in life.”

And what maybe a surprise to those of us who have been dealing with a snowy winter.

“I’m excited to go back to winter because growing up my whole life in Florida I really got tired of the heat constantly, so I’m excited to go back to ten degree weather,” she said with a grin.

While she says she isn’t happy to leave her family, she is very excited to see her friends for the first time in several months.

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