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Penn State Womens Basketball

Now over to the hardwood where the Penn State women will be back in action this weekend. The 3-0 Nittany Lions will head to Syracuse on Sunday. This team has gotten off to a great start due to its newcomers.

The energy with this team has been different than in years past and head coach Caroyln Kieger says win good win on Thursday is going to help them this weekend.

“For us to get that confidence going into their place and playing in the dome something we’ve never played in before is going to be really vital for us. More than anything its to have those teaching moments on film.

Can’t learn what you don’t know and you need to go through and experience stuff in the heat of the battle. I just excited to have those teaching moments. Can’t wait for practice tomorrow.”

Tipoff with the Orange will be at 2 on Sunday.

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