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PennDOT officials give tips to Prevent Pediatric Heatstroke deaths

According to Tim Nebgen, safety press officer for Penndot, 2018 and 2019 both recorded over 50 pediatric vehicle heat strokes.

He says over half of these incidents involve parents forgetting that they left the child in the car,

But he says these deaths can be prevented.

When running errands, Nebgen advises you to not leave a car running while the baby is inside of the car.

The same goes for pets.

According to the motor vehicle extreme heat protection act signed in 2018, police, humane and public safety officers can break a car window to get to an animal if they believe it is in danger

“A child’s body temperate can raise 3-5 times faster than what an adult’s is so it’s not okay to just leave the baby in the car even if the windows are down and the engine is running. The temperature can still increase by as much as 20 degrees in less than ten minutes.”

The law also protects safety and police officers from liability when rescuing an animal.

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