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Penndot Restrictions

This is the off ramp of I-99 if you were headed towards 322 west, Penndot did issue a few restrictions for those who are headed Southbound, including reducing speed limits to 45 mph, and commercial vehicles in the right lane only.

The Pa 511 website has also reported a few crashes on the major roads, most recently, one around 3 o’clock on 1-99 at mile post 56. But that since has been cleared.

Officials say a lot of drivers have stayed off the roads both last night and Today, and because of this we have seen only a few isolated incidents. Although plows are out and about, roadways are still messy.

“So, we continue to evaluate current conditions and will adjust or add additional speed and travel restrictions if conditions warrant. You can check 511pa dot com for the latest on these restrictions.”

Batula says this storm has been an all hands on deck kind of situation and it will continue until it dies down. Penndot does want to emphasize, if you are out traveling, to do so safely.

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