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Penndot Safe Driving

The DUI Association held a meeting in Blair County today to stress safe driving during the holidays across the United States during the Christmas and New Year’s Day holiday periods in
2019 alone. There were more drunk driving related fatalities than during any other holiday period that year The number 210 people died as a result.

It’s illegal to drive with BAC of .08 or higher. You can face jail time loss of your license and pay up to $10,000 in fines.

“You hear a lot of times drink responsibly, but just to plan and prepare responsibly, use common sense when it comes to drinking and driving.
I think if you limit the the option of having your own keys in your hand, if you’re using one of those rideshare apps, use it right off the bat, right the beginning of night.
Get get a ride to the bar or restaurant or to a family party.”

Altoona police will have patrols out during Christmas and New Year’s weekends.

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