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Pennsylvania College Student Drop

In State news this evening

It could be a costly loss and how much is the recent consolidation to blame?

College enrollment is at its lowest level in 3 decades and Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education says this year’s drop is credited to fewer freshmen applying and
less upperclassmen returning.

“The state system is sort of born to serve low and middle income students”

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s enrollment falling 5.4 percent from 2020.

12 Of its 14 institutions experiencing the decline collectively losing more than 5000 students across the Commonwealth.

“We do need these institutions there in some of the most underserved areas of the state”

It’s roughly a 36 million dollar revenue loss for the system and the biggest one year percentage decline in 11 years. A costly loss when student tuition fees make up 75-percent
of the system’s funds.

“We’re very careful in particular because you know we operate with taxpayer dollars and we operate with dollars that are hard one by students and their families”

Attributing the decline to the pandemic, higher education costs and state funding

“We are near the bottom in funding higher education”

PASSHE has seen enrollment declining the last decade making the decision to consolidate 6 of its 14 colleges in july, in an effort to promote sustainability.

“You’re spending how much you’re earning and you know obviously the fewer students around the few were demands on their support services”

5 Of those 6 consolidated schools are experiencing the loss. The clear coalition worries they could be correlated.

“Who wants to go to school somewhere where they’re not exactly sure what it will look like”

This year’s state budget for passhe was more than $450 million the same as last year.

College enrollment low at a time when stakes are high.

“Having a fordable pathways into higher education is absolutely crucial to Pennsylvania being able to meet its workforce development needs employers are starved for workers who
are properly skilled”

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