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Pens Back to Practice

With two straight losses the Pens are going back to the drawing board and 3 days off in between games might just be the ticket needed to do so.

The boys were hard at work in practice Today trying to get back to the type of hockey that had them in the midst of a 4 game winning streak before the 4-1 loss in Toronto
last week followed by a 4-3 loss to division foe Carolina.

All Star Jake Guentzel hit the mic after practice.

Here is what he had to say about the current state of things with the Pens currently in second place but just one point ahead of the New York Rangers.

“I think the main thing is just trying to get on the halfway line and get out there and get more shots there, I think that’s true. And we’re breaking out a lot of coverage in reviewing the book and just getting back to that being simple in that way with another shooter and trying to find Casey either.  So just kind of a different approach. And sometimes you need to get back to several things.”

As I said earlier Pens get a little bit of a break.

Next game they will play on Thursday at 7 o’clock at home where they will face off against the New Jersey Devils.

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