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Pens / Bruins

In case you missed the Pens game in Boston Yesterday night Brad Marchand was up to his mischievous tricks yet again.

After a whistle he prevented Tristan Jarry from giving a puck to a fan by cracking down on his stick and throwing the puck away from the net-minder but he was just getting started.

Late in the third period of a game the Pens would win 4-2 behind Jarry stopping 43 of 45 shots.

Marchand waited until after the whistle to punch Jarry in the head and it didn’t stop there.

Somehow the linesman allowed Marchand to get close enough to Jarry to put his stick in the goalie’s face intentionally.

Those actions gave Marchand a match penalty. Which brings about a suspension and he will have an in person meeting with the league.


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