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Pentagon Survivor

Among the 4 planes hijacked 20 years ago, American Airlines Flight 77 was overtaken over Ohio. We heard from one man who survived the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense – James F. O’Bryon tells us his story of what happened on that fateful day. He says that he survived after his office was moved from the location of the impact.

He explains the chaos of escaping the building and trying to get a hold of his family to let them know he survived. He recalls receiving a call from a coworker who was able to contact his wife to let her know that her husband survived, and the many people who called to check if he survived the attack.

O’Bryon says that the Firefighters and Responders who arrived to help them are the real Heroes of 9/11. Many lost their lives that day, and O’Bryon says he will remember it forever.

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