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President Bidens Hometown Reaction

And many people from the Scranton were excited to see native Joe Biden sworn in as President.

One local said that Today would rival St. Patrick’s Day, one of the city’s biggest celebrations.

Claudia Murtha has reaction.

If this were any other year, hundreds of Scranton locals would have bused to D.C. to celebrate native Joe Biden becoming President of the United States,
But because of the ongoing pandemic, celebrations had to be held virtually.

Although different, virtual celebrations meant that more people could take part.

“I think today, the inaugural celebrations are going to be so much bigger than they would have been if you had to go to D.C. to be a part of it. Everybody can be a part of it and they are representing and reaching out to people of
every segment of society.”

Participating in the virtual events, Scranton Mayor, Paige Cognetti, who spoke about just how proud the Electric City is to have Joe Biden as President.

“As we celebrate this inauguration today we know how lucky we are to have a president in the white house who is thinking of us, who is thinking about the families in Scranton, the businesses in Scranton, our infrastructure issues, our financial issues, we really are top of mind for Joe Biden.”

Tyler Chulvick has lived in Scranton his whole life.

“I actually think it’s pretty exciting that today we are actually going to see somebody from our home town be sworn in as the President of the United States. It’s very exciting, I mean like I never thought in my lifetime I would see somebody who on the day of the election was eating lunch at the same place that I got lunch from that day.”

Bidens boyhood home town of Scranton celebrated in different ways many people even stopped by his childhood home to take a selfie and post it on the internet.


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