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Pfizer Booster Advisory Panel

An FDA Advisory Panel rejected Pfizer’s plan to provide booster shots for most Americans. That same panel saying it’s ok for Seniors 65 and older or those with High Risk to get the shots. It comes as the death toll from the deadly disease continues to climb. The U.S. now averaging more than 1,400 deaths a day – 7.5 times higher than in mid-July.

Millions of vulnerable Americans are one step closer to getting a COVID booster shot. On Friday, an FDA Advisory Panel ok’d the Pfizer booster for Emergency Use Authorization for those 65 and older as well as anyone at high risk of severe COVID.

However, the Agency rejecting it for the General Public. Doctor Paul Offit who was on that panel explaining the decision on Good Morning America. Dr. Paul Offit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia saying: “There are a handful of studies that have all showed the same thing which is two doses of MRNA vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe disease including delta and all age groups so we weren’t — felt as compelled to follow Israel’s lead but test the water with one foot by putting into people who are older, those greater than 65 or those with high risk medical conditions and learn from that.”

The recommendation after the Biden Administration’s original deadline of Monday for having boosters available for everyone pending Federal Approval. Dr. Offit adding: “What they got ahead of was the scientific process // I think by declaring a date of September 20th they really did marginalize the FDA and CDC in that process initially but eventually it worked out.”

Beth Dixon was one of those who got the booster. Dixon saying: “You know, we need to listen to the Experts on this. If they’re saying that this is really only better for right now for people who are in higher risk categories than it makes sense that it’s only available to those categories”

A final decision is expected in the coming days. From there, the CDC will weigh in and also consider a third dose for Essential Workers.

Humans not the only ones affected. At the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. — Nine Lions and Tigers caught the Virus. The Zoo’s Vet says the likely got it from an asymptomatic Zookeeper.

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