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Phillipsburg Man Facing Charges

A Philipsburg man has been charged after threatening sheriff deputies with a gun while they were serving a Protection From Abuse order, according to state police.

Troopers say 51-year-old Erick McClure is facing felony aggravated assault and other related charges.

According to a criminal complaint, the incident happened Monday along Sleepy Hollow Road in Rush Township as deputies were serving a PFA and custody order.

The deputies say McClure became aggravated and tried to run away, so one of the deputies hit McClure with a taser.

McClure then grabbed a gun, aimed it at the deputies and threatened to kill them, the complaint says.

The deputies say they retreated out of the house and McClure later came out with two children and yelled at police to shoot him multiple times, the complaint alleges.

Troopers say McClure then walked to the middle of the street with two children next to him before being taken into custody.

McClure is being held in the Centre County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 17.

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