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Phillipsburg-Osceola High School Gardening Program

If you’ve been in a grocery store recently, you know some food goods are in short supply.

That’s one of the motivating factors at a Centre County school where students are learning about growing produce and other garden items backed by funding from an unusual source.

At the Philipsburg-Osceola High School

“We’ll give them away to a local farm somewhere. they can take care of them till they produce eggs, right now they’re just chicks”

Chickens,and a Rabbit in the form of a student dressed for the easter weekend, who likes gardening

“With my mom a lot, we usually have the summertime crop, strawberries”

That’s James, one of the students here, getting an early start preparing seedlings growing vegetables, sunflowers, and other plants. The lesson plan teaching students with first hand experience, about growing garden favorites along with sustainability, what it takes for crops to survive, the plantings will grow in this greenhouse outside the high school

“We could of gone in a month earlier, that will allow us in the fall to get some things growing.hopefully, actually have some vegetables”

Funding for this program even the green house, coming from the Centre County District Attorney’s office from drug forfeiture money

“Money that’s been seized, we’re happy to give back to the community, we’re happy to have it used by the kids”

The DA partnering with the Centre County YMCA’s anti-hunger campaign for this program emphasizing students getting involved with the early stages of the food chain

“I love gardening, I love to cook, I love to grow my own crops, like to make tomatoes, cucumbers”

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