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PIAA Football Action

Richland vs Southern Columiba

The Rams were down 20-0 in the second.Kellan Stahl finds Griffin Larue with space. Touchdown Rams

Southern Columbia had a strong run game here they scored to extend their lead

Rams with it back Stahl hands off to Grayden Lewis the Rams start their comback. Lewis makes it 14-27 with time left to go before the half

The rRms crowd started to going. And so did the team

4Th and 9 for Southern Columbia. Richland makes the huge stop and takes over on downs

Stahl to Larue again. This Touchdown coming from the other side of the end zone, Rams now down 6

Rams go for it, fakes the field goal, Stahl finds Jordan Ford for two, 27-22 Rams down 5 at half time

But Southern Columbia put up 30 more points after halftie to win 57-30 ending the Rams season

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