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Pirates / Rockies

After losing 6 straight the Pirates turned things around against the Colorado Rockies. In Yesterday’s double header JT Bubaker and Mitch Keller pitched shutouts for the Buccos to sweep the day
but when going for the series sweep one local professional had other plans in mind

Here we go Pirates started off alright

Bottom 3rd one on Adam Frazier puts it into the gap for a double Ka’Ai Tom scores from second and Frazier is safe at second

Next inning game tied at 1 with bases loaded Ka’Ai Tom hits it right at the first baseman but his speed gets him to the bag first Polanco scores Pirates finish the 3rd inning leading 3-1

Top of the 9th Rockies within 1 Charlie Blackmon hits it to the wall Bryan Reynolds misses in the air and the runner all the way from first scores tied ball game

Remeber I said a local profession didn’t want the Pirates to get the sweep here’s P.O native and Slippery Rock alumn Matt Adams singles with Blackmon on third

The Rockies win 4-3 off the back of the Pennslyvania native

Up next the Pirates travel on the road for two games at Kansas City the first game is Monday at 8 and you can catch that on ESPN then tuesday they turn around and play at 8 as well.

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