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Planet Fitness Ready or Next Week

As restrictions begin to relax this upcoming sunday officials with Planet Fitness at the Nittany Mall in College Township say they are excited and ready to start allowing more customers into the club.

Currently they say they are at 50 perecent capacity, which allows 253 people.

When they can increase to 75 percent, they can have up to 386 customers.

Even with the increase in capacity, officials say they do not anticipate having a full house as they’ve had sometimes at other locations.

Planet Fitness asks their club members to wipe down and clean workout equipment before and after use, in addition to the ongoing mask wearing guidelines.

Customers coming in are using every other machine, meaning the machine next to them is marked with a sign that it’s not to be used, because of social distancing guidelines.

“Over the last year, we’ve had our issues with mask enforcement. Obviously, it’s not very comfortable when you’re working out. And people have strong feelings on it. But we have so many members that are very grateful that we are
following everything so strictly and trying to keep them safe, so they can continue to come and we can continue to remain open.”

Officials say they’ve been fortunate to have steady customer flow over the past year, where other similar businesses have had a downturn in customer base.

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