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Police De-Escalation Training

Yesterday and Today police from around Pennsylvania and other states attended training in Ferguson Township on how to de-escalate situations involving those with mental illnesses
and emotional distress.

The goal of the training police received is how to handle situations where a person is in high emotional and mental distress and how to prevent things from turning deadly,
as has happened in some high profile instances

Police departments in our area who attended were State College, Ferguson Township, Logan Township, Patton Township, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Officers went through a series of modules and mock scenarios to teach them what to do to diffuse such difficult situations, sometimes where the person is armed with something
other than a firearm.

An official from the police executive research forum told six news the goal is for officers to move these situations into safer territory so they can get the person the help
they need

“We really want to make sure that the officers that are respond[ing] keep themselves in a good you know safe, winnable situation as they work through some of these people when
their emotions are high and their rational thinking is low, and you’re looking to bring those two things a little more parallel.”

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