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Police Officer Charged

A Westmoreland County police officer has been charged after using his authority to exploit women for sex, according to a criminal complaint.

State police say 49-year-old Robert Baldwin Jr. has been charged with obstruction of justice, hindering apprehension and official oppression.

According to state police, Baldwin was the Seward Police Chief and also worked part time as a patrol officer for St. Clair Township.

Troopers say they interviewed a woman in September who claimed Baldwin pulled her over in Seward after she ran a stop sign on her way home from Latrobe in February.

The woman told troopers that she had just been in an argument in Latrobe and had left as police arrived.

According to the woman, Baldwin approached her car and asked her to follow him to a more secluded area, because he said there were “too many people around,” the complaint says.

After the two arrived at a more secluded area, Baldwin told the woman he could work the situation out for her if she did something for him, the complaint says.

When the woman asked what Baldwin wanted her to do for him, Baldwin responded that he wanted what her husband gets, which the woman said she understood as sex, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the woman told troopers that Baldwin let her go, but soon texted her asking if she’d be home the next day.

The woman said she did not want to engage in any sexual activity with Baldwin, but said she was afraid she’d be arrested if she refused, according to troopers.

The woman said Baldwin came to her home the next day and the two engaged in sexual intercourse, according to the criminal complaint.

Troopers say they questioned Baldwin about the incident and Baldwin said he didn’t remember ever stopping the woman, but “if you have proof, I guess I did.”

Troopers say text messages on Baldwin’s phone showed that he had been in contact with the woman.

A Latrobe Police officer told troopers that he was the one who responded to the argument and when he arrived on scene, the woman fled prompting him to ask other police officers to stop the woman’s vehicle if they see it.

Baldwin never told the Latrobe police officer that he had stopped the woman, the complaint says.

According to state police, a second woman accused Baldwin of trying to coerce her into sex.

Troopers say they interviewed the second woman in September too.

The woman said she was facing charges after St. Clair Township Police took a marijuana pipe from her.

According to the complaint, Baldwin had reached out to her about “working off” her drug paraphernalia charges.

The woman said Baldwin began texting her about engaging in sexual acts, according to the complaint.

The woman told troopers that Baldwin took her out to dinner multiple times in July, making her believe they were meeting up to discuss her pending charges, the complaint said.

Troopers say text messages on Baldwin’s phone verified that he had contacted her.

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