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Port Matilda DUI Accident

A drunk driver crashed into the side of the Port Matilda Municipal Building last night while folks were still inside.

Douglas Braff spoke with the borough council president and he is live at the scene with more.

“Last night, about 10:40, the borough council meeting had just let out, a couple of council members had already left. We were in the process of cleaning up.”

“And we were gathered in the back room and there was a sudden thought in the building shook. So, we all came outside. And we saw a pickup truck embedded in the wall there.”

State police say the truck’s driver was Port Matilda resident Will Bracken. Adding that he was under the influence of alcohol and has been arrested for the DUI.

Lively tells me the truck came down the hill and over the train tracks somehow dodging all obstacles.

“Here, as we can tell from the angle, it threaded the needle between the post for the train the signal post for the train and the utility pole over there.”

He also says the truck managed to offset the building by one whole foot.

“It is a very thin needle to thread and the person was very fortunate that they weren’t seriously injured. And we were very fortunate that nobody in the building was injured.”

Lively says they are looking at possible alternate locations for meeting in the meantime.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this story as this investigation is ongoing.

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