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Potential Penndot Layoffs

After the new state budget was passed, Penndot say its still has a 5 to 6 hundred million dollars shortfall,and they need state legislative approval to get that funding. Without, they say they’ll be laying of five to ten thousand employees and halting some road construction projects statewide. In the state legislature, confusion over the Penndot budget impasse.

“This has been an interesting year to say the least and were ending this interesting year with another interesting issue”

Earlier this month, Penndot announced it needs to borrow up to 6oo million dollars to fund road projects. That loan was not included in the state budget approved last week by lawmakers and the governor. Without the funding Penndot says construction on hundreds of road projects will stop next week, December first those working those projects could be laid off

“I’ve been on the phone this morning with my rank and file trying to get answers,and I’m getting calls from Penndot workers saying they’re being notified they may be laid off for the month of December”

Some state lawmakers have criticized what they feel was a late request by Penndot for the funding. Whether it can be transferred from other sources, is being reviewed to put together a borrowing package for the financing

The state legislature would have to reconvene to approve the funding, if it gets to that point, but as of now there’s been no call for the lawmaker to reconvene, either on line or in Harrisburg to vote on the issue.

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