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Potters Mills Rt. 322 Update

From Harrisburg into the Centre region this is the last stretch of route 322 thats a two lane roadway,between Boalsburg and Potters Mills.

New plans are underway to upgrade the roadway, in fact Penndot has a new name for it, the state college area connector project even though there a new $85 million dollar upgrade at Potters Mills, from there to Boalsburg , its a dangerous, hilly stretch of highway with a lot of daily truck traffic. Plans to upgrade the routes 322/144 corridor came to dead stop more than 15 years ago due to a lack of funding.

Fast forward to early 2019,when Governor Tom Wolf announced he’s earmarked $20 million dollars for the project. Last month, a state legislative leader confirming the funding is still in place

“The Governor is committed to the planning phase, that the project move forward”

That funding for preliminary planning and environmental studies.public meetings are also underway

“Welcome to the first meeting of the state college area connector project”

The key question remains here where will the new corridor be built. Will it be simply upgrading the current highway-or will it be a new route?
Penndot hopes to have the preliminary environmental study done in about a year. As for timetable for future development and construction, it could be years away.

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