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PPCC Program

Earlier Today, the Pardon Project of Centre County officially announced themselves as a coalition with a press conference in State College.

Dylan Huberman was there and spoke to local and state officials

The PPCC aims to give those who have spent time behind bars a chance to live without their past mistakes lurking behind them.

This day arrives after months of planning and years of efforts from local volunteers and officials, and becomes the eighth pardon project in the state.

The announcement happened in Welch Plaza, in front of the State College Borough Building, with elected officials at the state and local levels, in addition to members of the newly formed PPCC.

The coalition features volunteers with legal backgrounds, experience in community agencies and more, all helping manufacture second chances, which PPCC co-organizer Sharon Barney are invaluable.

“Second chances are important because they show that people can change, you know, people can accept responsibility, that people can make mistakes and that it shouldn’t define them for the rest of their life.”

To contact the coalition, email

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