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Presidential Election Audit

Senate Republicans who are directing the proposal are moving forward with the plans to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to hire an outside firm to examine election materials. Gary Sinderson has our update.

On October first, we asked state Senator Jake Corman, one of the Republicans, directing the election investigation about the timing and when an outside company may possibly be brought in.

Then he indicated court rulings would be the first priority. Well, we’re not until we find out we get subpoenas through.

“I mean, there’s no sense hiring a vendor if we don’t have any of the information. So we if we get the information ultimately, then yeah, we’ll hire a vendor to help us go through the system. But the subpoenas have been ruled on in the courts.”

Yet in fact, a state court hearing on the issue isn’t even scheduled until next month.

But now there’s word Senate GOP leaders are going ahead and hiring an Iowa consulting company to be paid up to $270,000 to examine the 2020 election.

While an outside company may be reviewing election info over in the state, House Republicans are pushing a bill to block so-called private outside funding for elections,

“Know the lure of private money has seeped into our election system and it must be stopped. We have email evidence, you know, parsing some of those emails are shared and displayed today that is proving that our state’s highest offices were vulnerable to perversion by deep pockets with private election contracts.”

Centre County was one of more than 20 counties in Pennsylvania last year that received election funding from a foundation backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg


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