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Provider Vaccine Funding

Providing free COVID-19 vaccinations is entirely free for many of the providers.

But some of them are receiving a funding booster shot of sorts.

Here in Centre County, two health care organizations Tuesday receiving a total of 5 hundred thousand dollars to help cover the costs of their vaccination programs. For one of them they’re getting it
done through the help of hundreds of volunteers

“We really want to say thanks from the little vaccination clinic that could”

That’s Cheryl White the executive director of Centre Volunteers In Medicine which provides free heath care to low income,and other residents in Centre County. This past winter, to the surprise of some. CVIM among the first to stage large scale vaccination clinics, plus they set up clinics in schools, senior citizen facilities and elsewhere.

It was done with the help of more than 4 hundred volunteers, including numerous health care professionals who donated their time. Through federal covid relief money, and the Centre County
commissioners, CVIM receiving 100 thousand dollars, for their vaccination program which is still ongoing

“So were awaiting word from the department of health on the next phase,we’ve already started giving the boosters. so were gearing up again and are hundreds of volunteers are anxious to get back at it”

Also Tuesday, the Mount Nittany Medical Center received 400 thousand dollars for their vaccination related costs.

The state Department Of Health says close to 81 thousand people are now vaccinated in Centre County.

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