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PSU Helping With Grades

Penn State is trying to help students who ran into difficulties trying to navigate academics and the pandemic.

Sarah Metts explains how they’re letting students who didn’t make the grade, get a pass.

Penn State administrators say they’re making the change to this alternative gading system so that students have been negatively impacted by these unprecedented times can avoid long term problems with their grade point average.

COVID-19 has altered the way education has been done across the country operate.

As a response to the virus and those who may be struggling with all the unusual adaptations. Officials at Penn State are changing the grading system. Students will now be allowed to choose whether they want to keep their earned grade or replace it with a grade that will not affect their gpa’s.

Those options are.

Satisfactory for those who got at least a C. a V for passing. For those end up with a D, or a Z. No grade for those who flunked the course.

Executive vice president and provost Nick Jones said in a statement,

“We know this pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for many in our community and we are committed to helping our students and faculty succeed.”

The ​University Park undergraduate association introduced a resolution for the alternative grading system they sent out a student survey and say that over half of the roughly 5,000 people surveyed said they would participate in the alternative grading option.

The alternative grading system is only available to undergraduate students however, officials say the graduate school is exploring their options to also assist students.

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