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PSU Lawsuit

This is not the first time Penn State has been accused of covering up a sexual assault case this one stemming from an incident with Jennifer Oldham, a North Carolina native and Penn States assistant fencing coach back in 2017.

The university, both coaches involved, and the title 9 coordinator, Chistopher Harris want the lawsuit dismissed claiming the suit was not filed in time under the statute of limitations.

And on Friday, Jennifer Olhem’s team made efforts to get this motion denied and sticking to her lawsuit which made many claims against the group.

Documents say back in 2017, Oldhem was on an airplane back from an event, seated next to Penn State’s assistant fencing coach George Abashidze when he allegedly groped her without consent.

Oldhams lawsuit, which was first filed last may, claims that after bringing it to the attention of head coach Wieslaw Glon, he failed to take the necessary steps of reporting it to penn state’s title 9 coordinator and athletic department.

According to the lawsuit, then resulting in Glon defending his assistant coach saying he was quote a good guy and not a danger to anyone, telling Oldhem that no one would believe her and she should not talk to Safesport, which is an independent organization to help report abuse in sports.

After reports to the athletic department became known, an internal investigation by Penn State found the allegations against Abashidze to be true but that he did not violate university policy. He has since been fired but coach Glon remains with the team, this is now his 36th season.

I reached out to Penn State for comment and have not heard back yet,

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