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PSU Rally for Vaccine Mandate

Vaccination Mandates are being discussed for many College Campuses around the Country. Penn State has not yet implemented such a Mandate, but the Community is making their desire known to see one.

After Ohio State announced a Vaccine Mandate this week, 9 of theBig-10’s 14 Schools have now mandated the shot, but Penn State is not among them. Dave Almeida, Professor of Human Development at PSU saying: “It’s necessary because we need to get the Administration to listen to it’s main constituents. Those are the Faculty, the Staff, the Students and the Community.”

And those being graded in classes believe the University must step up to pass this test of safety. Josh Portney, a Junior Student at PSU saying: “Yes, they absolutely do because they need to protect not only the Students here but they need to protect the 140,000 members of the Centre region and Centre County area, that’s our community, that’s our population here. They depend on Penn State for their economy and things like that but they also depend on safety, and the University’s decision to bring back unvaccinated students endangers the safety of this community.”

PSU has mandated weekly COVID Tests for Students and Staff, living on-or-off Campus, who haven’t provided proof of vaccination. However, Portney says it’s not enough. Portney saying: “Testing is a snapshot in time, and if you do it once a week, you know, it takes 3 days for the viral load to build, it doesn’t actually help.”

Almeida hopes that their message will no longer be ignored. Almeida adding: “I’m really hoping that they listen to us now, we really want to work with them, we want to make this place we know we love, the place where we work, and make it safe.”

Along with PSU, only Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue and Wisconsin have refrained from a Mandate in the Conference.

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