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PSU Spring Classes

Some students have already made their way back to State College after the holiday season, and to prepare for more early birds, officials are setting testing requirements.

Officials delayed the start of the semester they say after analyzing the potential of the virus getting worse, and local hospitalization rates rising.

University president Eric Barron says he realizes this push back creates a lot of challenges for the community

Especially, local businesses who rely on students to stay alive.

But before returning in February for in person classes, those a part of the campus community are now required to get tested for coronavirus.

University officials say they plan to have tests results for every student on file within 72 hours before they step foot on campus they are providing free self tests kits for these students.

Officials suggest students to figure out their individual return date, and count backwards 21 days to then start the testing process which they offer in 5 steps

1. 21 Days out: check test status
2. 14 Days out: order your at home test kit
3. 5 Days out: take test and mail it
4. 3 Days out: students should receive and share tests results with the university
5. Return to campus

During the remote time period, on campus testing is still offered for students and staff.

Although in person classes are expected to begin on February 15th, officials emphasize that this date could change for students based on health and safety guidance from the state.

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