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PSU Student Assistance

Now, a story we’ve been following for several months, as Penn state administrators are looking at new ideas in student financial assistance.

Some of the programs are already moving forward. Gary Sinderson has our update.

Last Friday at the board of trustees meeting here at Penn State, the trustees approved a new 85 million dollar Art Museum on campus,and then a short time later reviewed new programs aimed at helping students in need. No decreasing
tuition wasn’t discussed

One new program will provide three thousand dollars a year for room and board costs, for student ,living in dorms at University Park, and eight commonwealth campuses. Penn State leaders term it access and affordability strategies

“It is a complex and varied topic with many levers”

University administrators have a host of new assistance proposals including helping more students- get a decent meal

“Yeah definitely,i think there is about 30 percent of college students dealing with food insecurities”

Food insecurity is a term for being hungry. In fact at the trustee meeting, the University cited related figures from various campuses. In the worka, plans to upgrade the student food bank at University Park, and provide more funding. More covid relief money is in the works for close to 13 hundred Penn State students. Some of whom may have had their education plans delayed by the pandemic. That alone the length of time in school can be a key issue whats owed in student loans.

As we told last week, application to Penn State have increased dramatically in recent weeks with well over 160 thousand application for the upcoming fall semester no received.

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