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PSU Student Service

Also at Penn State a group students are giving back to the community through a series of service projects.

And they tell us the increasing number of those diagnosed with covid also increases their motivation to help.

“This one is to large, oh my god look at this one”

Stuffed animals, one of the items being loaded into backpacks for kids by these Penn State students, who have a full agenda of community service projects

“So we have a variety of of them is blanket making for senior citizens. another is backpack stuffing for children”

The work is tied into Martin Luther King Day this week, and the theme of service and helping others. Even though Monday’s schedule of events got snowed out and canceled, the group decided to regroup on campus Wednesday.

This despite the hundreds of new covid cases at Penn State. The young volunteers say the pandemic adds to their committment

“Also more rewarding because these students coming out during a pandemic really want to be giving back to their communities.
so i feel the impact is felt more.there’s also a greater need during the pandemic like food insecurity”

The Centre County YMCA and other community organizations will benefit from the students efforts

“Everyone is in need during a pandemic, it kinda heightens the need and the need for people helping each other”



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