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PSU Student Vaccination Push

Uproar on campus as more voices at Penn State are calling for the University to mandate COVID vaccinations on campus this fall, and the University President admits politics is playing a role in their decision not to require vaccinations.

Penn State’s refusal not to mandate COVID vaccinations drew more attention Friday as a rally was held at Old Main with faculty, staff and students urging the University administration to rethink their position.

Across campus, there has been a push to get more people vaccinated.

“This is not a political statement; it has become a political issue and I want to make sure people understand that is not what this is. The more people that can get the vaccine, whether you completely agree with it or not, you know maybe to protect others.”

Last week, Penn State President Eric Barron encouraged vaccinations but it’s not a requirement.

“This university is not impartial to vaccinations; we have data on millions who have been vaccinated.”

On Friday afternoon, Penn State’s Faculty Senate approved a vote of “no confidence” in the university’s COVID prevention plan for the fall.

“We appreciate the fact that President Barron and others are making some effort, but we consider those efforts to be inadequate.”

In a new message to the university community this week, Barron cites concerns that state lawmakers could cut the university’s funding if there’s a campus vaccine mandate.

The Penn State president also says, according to a recent survey, that close to 75-percent of students living on campus this fall, and almost 70 percent of the academic personnel, have submitted proof of vaccination.

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