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PSU Students To Get Financial Help

Officials say Penn State University is giving out about 27 million dollars to undergrads graduate, law and medical students across all of their Penn State campuses.

The grant comes from the university’s 85 million dollar higher education emergency relief fund after it matched funding received from the cares act.

Grants are given to students based on financial need.

Penn State President Eric Barron says it’s the university’s job to prioritize those students and assure they are successful, he writes, quote,

“The University is thankful for this funding for students, and we look forward to getting it into our students’ hands quickly so that it can begin to ease financial strain and allow them to focus on their studies with less worry.”

All recipients can choose where they want to grant to go whether that be an outstanding balance, refunded to them directly or a combination of both.

Penn State officials say the pandemic has been hard on many, and because of this they are also offering an application based second round of funding.

Students who qualify to receive a grant will be notified through their Penn State email with instructions on how to accept.

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