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PSU Time Capsule

A time capsule placed this week in the Bellisario Media Center largely focuses on one aspect of the Penn State community: its people.

The sealed metal box, slightly larger than a typical automobile battery, was packed with a variety of materials and publications, including recent copies of The Daily Collegian, a Penn Stater magazine from the Penn State Alumni Association, and annual reports from the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. The capsule also includes a commencement program from the spring and samples of Penn State-branded masks and hand sanitizer that were handed out to all students, faculty and staff during the fall semester.

A letter from Bellisario Dean Marie Hardin helps frame the contents of the time capsule, which also include a letter and student ID from Keely Reese, a freshman from Scranton, Pennsylvania, reflecting on her first semester at the University. The Bellisario College’s most recent annual report lists faculty and staff from the Bellisario College, and a separate list of every person who helped with the construction of the media center was compiled and included as well.

In addition, general admissions information, Bellisario College-branded materials, a 3D copy of a smartphone, currency, and a variety of photos from the past year at Penn State were placed in the box that’s intended to be opened in 50 years — on Dec. 1, 2070. The 3-D printing of the phone was included to avoid battery degradation from any device that could damage the contents of the box over time.

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