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PSU Trustee Meeting

Now just this off tonight, the Penn State Board of Trustees met this afternoon with the university president. Noticeably absent, and Gary SInderson tells us why.

At the beginning of the trustees meeting was announced, Penn State President Eric Barron is in a five day quarantine because he recently was in close contact with somebody diagnosed with COVID. Barron is fully vaccinated and asymptomatic at this point.

one of the reports, the trustees update the process of selecting Barrons successor as the next Penn State president. Barron is retiring next summer. Chairman Matthew Schuyler continue to follow the original search process outlined last November and refreshed as we have put forward.

“Our initial canvass produced more than 400 individuals for consideration for this role. The committee has narrowed the list for a series of process steps and will now work with the full board to finalize the process, to work through the final process steps and ultimately to select the next president of Penn State.”

A trustee committee this week heard that the Future Capital Plan, the projected future construction spending at Penn State, has been reduced by $143 million, primarily due to the pandemic. At University Park, 57% of the buildings are more than 25 years old, with 38% being over 50 years old.

With the facilities aging. The university’s current backlog caused for maintenance system renewals and other work is now said at just over $1.7 billion

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