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PSU Trustees Investigate N.I.L. Program

Penn State’s Board of Trustees are among the many now taking a closer look at the new money making opportunities for College Athletes. At a Summer meeting, Penn State Trustees agreeing to set up Task Forces looking into three aspects of the University. One of them is the Department of Athletics, where there’s been new funding changes recent weeks and months.

The biggest revenue related development is known as N.I.L. — allowing College Athletes to earn added compensation through their Name, Image or Likeness. It became Law in Pennsylvania on July 1st. The Trustees Task Force will study how the N.I.L. Program will impact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, and its strategic plan.

The Trustees Task Force is expected to also look at how possible Conference realignments could impact Penn State along with related issues. The Trustees also set up Task Forces for Penn State’s Law School, and the College of Medicine.

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