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PSU Zoom Bomb Update

On January 27th, during the black caucuses portion of the virtual student involvement fair. The group reported dozens of bombers dropping in on their meeting with inappropriate language, and gestures.

Shortly afterwards, the university announced they were seeking help with the investigation through the FBI Office of Information Security, and the Centre County District Attorney’s office.

Now, on February 15h, university officials say similar zoom bombings took place at University Park and the Brandywine satellite campus, both during online diversity events.

Officials say during both incidents, an individual dressed as a police officer and displayed what appeared to be a firearm…and they say evidence indicates that it was racially motivated.

Most recently, on Tuesday night, digital intruders entered the Bellisairio College of communication’s alumni meeting and used racist and homophobic slurs, the dean of the college said the are taking this situation seriously.

“These vile activities are reprehensible and the disruption and trauma they create is inexcusable. These are criminal activities and, if found, we will hold the perpetrators responsible.”

And State College Mayor, Ron Fillipelli and borough council president Jess Barlow issued a joint statement about the bombings saying in part.

“The State College Borough is a welcoming community where diversity is honored and celebrated. We are disgusted by the continued racist attacks on our community.”

State College police say they have not seen an increase of hate crimes in the area. And that these incidents are involving Penn State only.

The university says it is exploring the potential of additional steps it can take for securing zoom meetings, in the meantime, they ask that those hosting zoom calls require passwords.

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