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PSU Zoom Bombing



and starting chatting

But what happens when intruders enter?

Penn State has reported multiple zoom-bombings within the last month, some of which were racially motivated and targeting underrepresented groups on campus, like the Student Black Caucus, and events with the Gender Equity Center.

Many of which are still under investigation by the university and other external offices.

Currently, officials still say they have no reason to believe that these intruders were Penn State students and because of the activity of using fake usernames, and emails, the suspects could be anywhere in the world.

In the meantime, the university wants to assure future meetings are safe from hijackers. A university police and public safety digital forensic specialist for the criminal investigation’s unit, Detective Andrew Stager gave students
and staff tips to stay secure.

Tip #1: Always record on your meetings
Tip #2 Do not publicly post your meeting links
Tip #3: Require a password for your meeting
Tip #4: Use a waiting room so the host can see who is trying to enter the meeting

And if your meeting does get interrupted, Detective Stager says you should suspend participant activity immediately, and then report it to university police.

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