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Questions About Student’s Academic Status

It’s high school graduation time.

But this year, there’s questions about student’s academic status, are they ready to graduate? Or move on to the next grade?

As Gary Sinderson reports, newly proposed state legislation has a new twist in providing an answer.

The thought behind this new legislation is simple. With all the problems the pandemic has caused in school districts and classrooms, it will give parents-at this year, a greater say in their kids educational future

“This year, an extraordinary year needs the parents to ultimately make the final decision”

The final decision Senator Jake Corman is referring to is parents being able to decide if their children should repeat their current grade level, not surprisingly, a number of issues surrounding the level of education in the past year.
One of the overriding concerns with more remote classes not all students having the same internet access to on line teaching

“Who were the students who have had more uneven experiences in terms o access to technology and access to connectivity”

In many cases, parents had an increased role in basic education

“Students were being taught by their parents at home and I don’t know who would have a better understanding of educational loss than the parents”

There are some concerns about the proposal, including possible added costs for school districts, but backers say they worked with the state department of education in putting the bill together

The legislation now moves on to the state house. If approved, parents would have until July 15th to decide the next grade level for their kids.

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