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Railroaders Memorial Museum to Restore K4

In Altoona, Officials are discussing a new era for the historic Railroaders’ Memorial Museum. It is a new day for the Museum here and the locomotive. Wick Moorman, Chairman of the Board at the Railroaders’ Memorial Museum saying: “I am a self-described kid who loved trains, so this is a really cool project, and this is an iconic locomotive, it’s ironic because of the old Pennsylvania railroad but iconic because of Altoona.”

On Thursday, the Museum announced a partnership with FMW Solutions LLC and the Museum’s qualified Volunteers to officially restore the historic K4 1361. Joe DeFrancesco, Executive Director of the Railroaders Memorial Museum saying: “The K4 was built in Altoona in 1918 so from a cultural and technological significance the K4 is really relevant to the future of education. This locomotive is the last one constructed in Altoona, to still be in Altoona. So, steam engines from the steam era… this is really significant to our city’s history.”

Significant to Altoona’s history and also its future. Moorman adding: “Anybody who knows about these locomotives knows about Altoona so it’s spreading the message about all of the great things that have happened in this city, and the spread the message about the museum and why it’s a great place to see. All those things for everyone involved will be extremely gratifying.”

Some of the work has already begun and as Moorman explains, it will be a long process, but one the Museum and its Partners are very committed too. Moorman adding: “The real work on restoring the boiler and some of the things around the frame will start up in the next few months. they will be some time-consuming projects but were making this announcement because were ready to start in a new phase of reconstruction.”

DeFrancesco saying: “We’re looking for $2.7 Million, a rough estimate, both from private and public support. The next step is getting the resources. We have the talent, but we just must match it up with the resources.”

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