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Rams / Seahawks Highlights

Second game of the day Rams and Seahawks

Jared Goff just had surgery on his thumb 12 days ago so starting for la was John Wolford. He took a hit from Jamal Adams, Wolford ended up leaving this game and had to go to a hospital for additional observations

Seattle turn on offense. Here’s Russell Wilson and here’s Darious Williams picking off Wilson and taking it 42 yards for a pick 6

Seattle’s comes back out on the next drive and does this, Wilson deep ball 51 yards to D.K. Metcalf

The Rams continued to deal with injuries through this game former Pitt Panther Aaron Donald possible rib injury,he did return in this game

7 Minutes to play in this game Rams lead by 10 they punt it down field Seattle fumbles it and the Rams take back possession head coach Sean Mcvay pumped

Goff with an injured thumb touchdown Robert Woods

Another injury Cooper Kupp came out with a knee injury we now know that he should be fine moving forward

Because the Rams pull of the first upsept in the post season taking down the number 3 seeded Seahawks

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