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Raystown Lake Cleanup Award

A Huntingdon County man has received a national award for his work keeping Raystown Lake clean. Dylan Huberman was at the award ceremony Today.

Ron Rabena received the enduring service volunteer award from the corps foundation today for his advocacy for Raystown Lake.

The annual cleanup of the shoreline at Raystown Lake took place today in Huntingdon County.

That’s where the US Army Corps of Engineers presented the corps foundation enduring service volunteer award to ron rabena, the president of friends of Raystown Lake. He says he’s humbled to get this recognition.

“Its a wonderful honor and only one person in the whole country gets this a year type thing, and I was kind of surprised when it all happened.”

Rabena has been the President for more than twenty years in that time, the Corps says he’s put in more than 5,000 volunteer hours to develop, support and improve the lake. Rabena says this award shows the impact of the community’s
efforts too.

“The big deal with me is its more than just me, I mean there’s all these people here today and all the other people that aren’t here today that help out with this, keep this place as nice as it is, Raystown Lake.

Rabena says there’s plenty more to be done in the environment in Huntingdon County, and he has a message for those looking to make a difference in the area.

“Join up and help. There are plenty of outfits to join, so just join up and help.”

Close to twenty-thousand pounds of garbage were collected within five miles of the lake today.

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