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Re-Trial of Paul Ross

A man Convicted of First Degree Murder nearly 2 Decades ago will again have his day in Court. The Courts are preparing for the long-anticipated re-trial of convicted murderer ‘Paul Ross’.

A Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that Paul Ross didn’t receive a fair trial back in 2011. Ten years later, the re-trial process has finally come to fruition. Paul Aaron Ross was sentenced in 2005 for the death of Tina Miller in 2004. However, a panel in 2011 said Ross’ Defense Team didn’t have enough time to build their case, and a 2012 panel upheld that ruling. Then, Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio’s Appeal was denied in 2013, officially opening the door for a re-trial.

The re-trial was originally supposed to occur in 2014, but kept getting pushed back. In addition, by his request, recently retired District Attorney Rich Consiglio was appointed Special Prosecutor by current D.A. Peter Weeks. It was also noted in the Courtroom on Monday that neither the Prosecution nor Defense can speak on Ross’ Homicide Trial to the Media, following a 2017 Gag Order that was issued to last for a 5 year time period. The re-trial is set to commence next week.

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