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Real Estate and the Pandemic – Update

We’ve been following the effects of the Pandemic on the Real Estate Market since November. Months ago, we reported that the Local Housing Market bounced back from the Pandemic. But since then, things are starting to change and the Pandemic is still having a vital impact on future Homeowners.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marlene Duttry, Owner of At Home Realty in DuBois, says statewide restrictions played a huge role in their inability to do business. As restrictions started to ease, future homeowners became hungry. Duttry adding: “Once we got back, things just went berserk so to speak. I mean we were constantly busy selling houses left and right.” With low interest rates and a high demand for houses, Duttry says the market became weak. Duttry saying: “If somebody did list their house by the end of the day there was multiple offers on that particular house.”

Around the DuBois Area School District she says there’s about 30 houses up for sale, nowhere near the city’s typical volume. Duttry adding: “Normally we’re in the 80s as far as having houses for sale but right now the volume is very low.” Duttry isn’t sure if people are waiting to list their homes due to the uncertainty of the economy or because of the pandemic. But as she works to find multiple buyers their dream home, she’s hoping for the best. Duttry adding: “It’s steady right now, so I’m hoping that will continue to increase because food, clothing and shelter are the main components that make up life so I’m hoping that it continues to grow.”

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