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Real ID Deadline

The deadline to get your Real ID is exactly 6 months from Today on October 1st.

Penndot officials say now is the best time to start gathering the documents you’ll need.

Starting October 1st a Real ID can be used to board domestic commercial flights and enter federal or military facilities.

You’ll need a few documents in order to get it

Such as a proof of identity like a birth certificate or passport.

A social security card.

2 Proofs of your current address like a driver’s license or utility bill.

And proof of all legal name changes like a marriage certificate.

And since that deadline is 6 months away it’s important to get all of those documents in order now in case you need to order copies.

“We just are encouraging Pennsylvanians to make a conscious decision before that deadline, so they’re prepared especially when it comes to flying so that they’re prepared and are able to board that aircraft before that deadline.

The Real ID is optional for people in Pennsylvania.

So if you don’t get one you’ll need to have another form of federally acceptable identification like a passport or military ID to get on a plane or enter those certain buildings.

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