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Red Cross Needs Donors

This week in Centre County we have about 15 different opportunities for you to help donate blood ranging from Philipsburg to Centre Hall.

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood

“The country is currently experiencing a national shortage of blood which has something to do with the stage of the pandemic.”

According to the Red Cross, hospitals are short on blood because they have been responding to an unusual number of traumas and er visits, and they need to stock up before the holiday weekend.

“Summers are always a difficult time historically for blood collection at the same time when it is warm outside, people are more active and the need for blood often goes up during these times.”

Donors are encouraged to sign up immediately and all blood types are needed, but especially type O.

“Type O positive is the most prevalent blood type, but it also can be used by most patients so even if you aren’t o positive. O negative is considered the universal donor and that can literally go
into anyone.”

The Red Cross is having special offers for those who sign up anyone who donates from July 1st through the 6th will recieve a hat, and donors who give after that through out the rest of July will
receive a 10 dollar Amazon gift card



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