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Red Flags of Dating Abuse

Sadly, nearly 1.5 million high school students across the nation experience physical abuse from a dating partner. Donna Gibbs from Your Safe Haven in Bedford shares some of the red flags.

Red Flags of Dating Abuse

  • Being physically hurt
  • Feeling afraid of your dating partner
  • Feeling isolated from friends or family
  • Changing your behavior because of your dating partners jealousy
  • Feeling embarrassed, put down, ashamed or guilty
  • Being threatened
  • Feeling manipulated or controlled
  • Being afraid to express your own feelings of anger
  • Feeling a nervous or sick feeling in your stomach when your dating partner is irritated, frustrated, or angry
  • Feeling a pounding or fluttering in your chest when your dating partner isn’t happy
  • Not being allowed to, or being afraid to, make decisions for yourself
  • Noticing that your dating partner’s beliefs about the position of men and women in society are different from your own
  • Feeling as if your dating partner gets too personal or touches you in an unwanted way
  • Not having your thoughts or wishes for personal space respected

 If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, help is available at Your Safe Haven. Call (814) 623-7664 or visit Your Safe Haven’s website or Facebook page.

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