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Relief Bill Counter-Proposal

A group of Senate Republicans asking President Biden to work with them on a different COVID-19 Relief Plan. Ten GOP Senators sent a letter to the President Sunday with a Counter-proposal to his 1.9 Trillion Dollar package.

Ten GOP Senators sent a letter to Mister Biden on Sunday asking for a meeting and the chance to work together on drafting the COVID-19 Relief Package. The Republican Plan includes a total of 160 Billion Dollars for Vaccine Development and Distribution, testing and tracing, and treatment and supplies. The framework also includes a new round of direct payments, but not for everyone.

The proposal doesn’t have an estimated cost just yet, but Senator Portman says it will be less than Biden’s 1.9 Trillion Dollar plan. Reps from the Biden Administration say they’re open to some of the GOP suggestions. Brian Deese, Director of the White House’s National Economic Council saying: “We’re certainly open to input from anywhere we can find a constructive idea to make this package as effective as possible, but the President is uncompromising when it comes to the speed we need to act at to address this crisis.”

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