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Remembering Charlie Strashensky

Charlie Strashensky was a life-long member of St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church and always went above and beyond to help out whenever necessary, and that is something he will forever be remembered for.

“He was a good person. It’s heartbreaking to lose him. He was just a good person,” said Monsignor Raymond Balta, Pastor St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Cambria City.

Monsignor Balta spoke very highly of Charlie, saying he was always around and always willing to do whatever he could to help better the church.

“He was the type of person who whenever he wanted, if he saw something that had to be done, I didn’t even have to ask he just went ahead and fixed it,” said Balta.

When asked why Charlie continually gave his time to the church. Monsignor Balta said the answer was simple, it was his church.

“This is where he was baptized. Where he was raised here and like I said he was part of the construction of the school itself in 1963. He was part of the construction here. He always knew where everything was. He always knew how everything worked. He was always that. It was his. It was his church,” said Balta.

Balta says Charlie was always there, building a strong relationship with the church and its members and that is something that will leave a lasting impact on everyone who knew him.

“He was such a part of this parish, and you know, was always there. If I ever needed anything or there was anything that had to be done, all I had to do was make one call and he was there. I’m going to miss him a lot,” s

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